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Sexology Courses in India run under Government Recognized startup More binfo WhatsApp 9604715783. women complaint of primary infertility. To the surprise of the examiner, the hymen may found to be in fact proving non consummation. Till this fact is brought their notice, they feel that they are doing the coitus in a perfect way.  Consequences:1. the couple may continue  to do intercourse in a wrong way without being aware about un consummation. 2. women may complain of pain during the intercourse 3. man way lose the erection after trying intercourse unsuccessfully at a wrong site for sufficient length of time. He may think himself suffering from impotence. 4.infertility  5. anxiety/depression 6. marital conflict/ divorce  7. suicide Diagnosis:
  • 2020-09-18T14:06:53

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