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Updates found with 'examiner'

UNCONSUMMATIONHow the problem presents?Unconsummation is more common in urbanized and well- educated clients. They are normal in every respect except for their ignorance about the sexual act.1. the client complaint may come for the guidance saying, I don’t know how to do intercourse. Please help me.2. the chief complaint may be, I can’t penetrate. Perhaps he tries at the wrong site or in a wrong direction; or she may be having vaginismus. 3. some men may not know that they have to do pelvic movements after penetration. 4. woman keeps her legs straightThis can be an important statement by the client giving a clue to the diagnosis. This COITAL position there is no proper alignment between the direction of penis and vagina; therefore penetration is not possible.5. my penis is not hard enough for penetration this could be the complaint. The female might not have been sufficiently stimulated through foreplay. Nature has designed the structure of the vagina in such a way that man gets maximum rigidity of penis in the vagina and then only he can ejaculate. 6. man may lose erection after trying at a wrong site ( at urethra or at clitoris) for a long time and blame himself. In such case, woman may complain of pain during the coital act.7. If the women has vaginismus, man may not be able to penetrate. He may lose erection and label himself as impotent.8. all the semen comes outThis is the complaint by the women when the man ejaculates on the vulva instead of in the vagina.9. women complaint of primary infertility. To the surprise of the examiner, the hymen may found to be in fact proving Unconsummation. Till this fact is brought their notice, they feel that they are doing the coitus in a perfect way. Consequences:1. the couple may continue to do intercourse in a wrong way without being aware about Unconsummation.2. women may complain of pain during the intercourse3. man way lose the erection after trying intercourse unsuccessfully at a wrong site for sufficient length of time. He may think himself suffering from impotence.4. infertility5. anxiety/ depression6. marital conflict/ divorce7. suicide
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