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Distance Learning Become Qualified Certified Sexologist In India, Pune WNHO Institute of Sexology, Pune India Courses run under Government Certified Startup WNHO Health Care. Dr.Ramesh Maheshwari Best Sexologist in Pune, India Sexologist certified course in India Fellowship in Sexual Medicine Diploma in Sexology for certified Sexologist. Online Sexology Courses for Doctors & Psychologist. Call 9604715783 Fellowship in Sexology for Qualified Doctors run under Government recognized startup WNHO Health Care. PG Diploma in Sexology For Qualified Doctors Dr. Ramesh Maheshwari Best Sexologist Pune India Fellowship in Sexology On line Sexology Courses for Psychologist & Doctor More info call whats App 9604715783 BASICS IN SEXOLOGY. Every person is Sexual Love map is mental pattern expressed in every individual’s sexual life, sex –erotic fantasies and practices. It is unique for everyone. It is developed before the age of 8 years and is executed after puberty. Children get their love map by engaging in sexual rehearsal play. When the play is not interfered with by parents, teachers or by the society, the love map develops as heterosexual. Psycho sexual stages according Sigmund Freud – (NEUROLOGIST) proposed that psycho-sexual development in childhood takes place during 5 psycho sexual stages: Oral, Anal, Phallic, Latency, And Genital. These are called psycho sexual stages because each stage represents the fixation of libido (roughly translated as sexual drives or instincts) . Sexuality includes Physical, Ethical, Spiritual, Psychological & Emotional dimensions.
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