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WNHO Package for Nig
WNHO Package for Nightfall 90 Days validity • Medicines included Price: ₹6000 ₹2000 Buy Now Send Enquiry What is this package about? 1. Package offers- - Medication are proven to treat involuntary seminal discharge at night. Safe and specially Customized for patients suffering from nightfall. - Cures nightfall, increasing sperm holding capacity of penis. And improving Erection - Medicines also cure mental weakness due to which patient is experiencing nightfall. 2. Consultation will be offered- -Detailed History taking from the patient. - Do and Don'ts, Diet modification 3. Treatment will take- - Treatment will be offered depending upon the condition of the patient. - Pin point reason for the disease will be highlight to the patient - Patients notice wellness from inside and can see the changes in his sexuality. 4. USP of the package- - Consultation from an Experienced doctor. - Medicines specially customized keeping in mind the causative factors of the Disease according to the patient. Consultations offered Text Chat (7 days validity) 3 Nos. Audio Call (10 mins validity) 3 Nos.
  • 2017-05-26T13:13:25

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