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WNHO HEALTH CARE PRIVATE LIMITED PROJECTS. Dear Sir/Madam Here is Great Opportunity to become Partner with Govt. Recognized Startup with HUGE Earnings and 50% Income sharing by mutual Association. WNHO Introduction Join the natural way towards good health -Since last 30 years, WNHO has been treating chronic diseases with satisfying rate. Our program provides excellent results to relieve chronic diseases by using microcellular rejuvenation activated herbal globules. Testimonials of patients as video available on you tube. Great Benefits of WNHO Clinic fit for life Franchise Familiar Name WNHO Clinic Proven Business System- WNHO Clinic has been existing since 1999, recorded an average CAGR of 50% per year. We have considerable brand recognition and name familiar throughout. Franchisee’s risk profile is zero and the statistical of success are very high. Reap the benefits of a 'per existing customer base' which would ordinarily take years to establish. Most important you can start at your place without any extra investments. WNHO Clinic - Fit for Life Franchisees national marketing efforts. WNHO clinic has three-pronged marketing strategy. National level. at state Global level .at WNHO Clinic Marketing Team, is composed of experts who meticulously craft an Annual Marketing and group for each business vertical and also earmarks Cooperative activities with partners. Memberships in the World Nature's Health Organization are available at several different levels. From our associate membership, which is open to everyone, to our professional membership which is open for anyone in a health care, counseling, or any other professional field. Lifetime memberships are also available. Contact us WNHO Health Care Private Limited 1 Benefits-Doctor will receive' World Nature's Health Organization' Certificate of Award Affiliation for Rehabilitation and Prolong relief in Chronic Diseases by Complementary Medicine. 2 Can attend Monthly club meeting to increased Contacts.
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