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    WOMEN WANTS ? “The ignorance of woman physiology which prevails among most men is boundless and incredible” “Honesty is probably the sexiest thing a man cans give to woman What man’s feel? (Man’s conceptualization about women’s sexual needs) “A woman has ten times sex desire than that of a man To satisfy her. He should have frequent sex with her She needs a long duration of sex for her sexual satisfaction If not fully satisfied, she may seek extra marital relationship She get orgasm in her vagina by friction of penis Man needs to have a thick and long penis for her satisfaction The first experience of sex is very sensational for both Woman is dependent upon man or her orgasm During masturbation the woman put a long object in her vagina Sex with a virgin women gives extra pleasure What women feels? (women’s sexual needs) Women complains that : He makes a lot of haste during the sexual act He does not indulge in sufficient foreplay The foreplay is routine and mechanical He is not romantic As soon as her reaches climax, he turns his face and goes to sleep He leave me half way He is very selfish in the matter of sex He uses me like a sleeping pill He is interested in nothing else but intercourse He is very rough. I expect him to be slow, soft, honest, faithful and spend more time in loving each other He feels that I should be ready for sex as and when he desires. He never cares for my mood It is he who decides when, how long how often and in what way to perform sex I wonder why he goes after other women in spite of providing him everything he desires.
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