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    Sex factor for Fertility 6. Infertility due to unconsummation: It is not uncommon to come across a couple refractory to the management of unconsummation, especially when it is due to Vaginismus, Premature ejaculation, relative impotence or due to hypersensitive glans. The desperate couple may request for the help of having a child. The couple needs counselling prior to the procedure and should be informed that the child is born by the union of a sperm and an ovum, and that the role of the penis in fertility is no more than a syringe convey the sperms to the vagina. Using a syringe for fertility does not harm the baby in any way. The man is asked to ejaculate by masturbation in a small, clean, dry and wide mouthed bottle. The semen is aspirated in a 5ml. sterile disposable syringe, the nozzle of which is cut off earlier. The air bubbles from the syringe are removed and the semen is pushed in the vagina. This procedure is done daily or on alternate days especially during her fertile period (from 11th to 17th day in women having 28 days menstrual cycle). 7. infertility due to male orgasmic disorder (inhibited male orgasm, anejaculation): This is not uncommon in our country. Some are able to ejaculate in sleep but not by masturbation or during the coitus. In such males, before going to sleep, they may be asked to wear a condom that has been repeatedly washed under water and is thoroughly dried. the semen collected in the condom can be deposited in the vagina with the help of a 5ml. syringe.