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First night failure
First night failure The first night or honeymoon night of marriage traditionally means the first sexual encounter for an Indian couple. It is the moment when society legally permits the consummation of the union of man with women. The first night is the most awaited night in one's life. Why failure? First-night blues 1 psychological Inadequate sexual information Restrictive upbringing A. Sex is dirty B. Women who enjoy sex are disreputable Guilt Sexual myths Fear of pain, failure, not satisfying partner Fear of std/HIV 2 organic Dysfunction in the partner e. G. Vaginismus Tight foreskin Consequences They may avoid sexual activity. They may continue to have only foreplay. They may have good relationship in other aspects of life. Some may suffer from anxiety/depression. Impotency They may make allegations at each other leading to marital conflicts, separation or divorce
  • 2017-05-30T12:11:24

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